AFL brotherhood & Saints girl cover up

The depth of the AFL’s cover ups is nothing short of astonishing in the wake of the Ricky Nixon scandal.

At the centre of this maelstrom is just one 17 year old girl.

Who would suppose that she is the only adolescent caught up in AFL misbehaviour towards women?

At the very worst she has engaged in anti-social behaviour.

Who hasn’t engaged in anti-social and even unlawful conduct as a teenager? 

However the AFL, their powerful backers and the criminal justice system has been  very reluctant to do anything about the wrongs committed against her.

At the  heart of the organisation is too much deference to the actions and opinions of who are in reality young star AFL players.

Not one person associated with the AFL  has been held accountable in any way for the wrongs committed against the 17 year old.

Andrew Demetriou told the public that the biggest lesson to be learnt from the Ricky Nixon affair was that the AFL Code of Conduct should extend to player-agents.   It sounds as if he is trying to shift the approbation to ‘agents’ when there have been many people within his control who has misbehaved with impunity.   What possible use is extending a Code of Conduct to people which has never been enforced in the first place?

In the aggregate on balance history will judge the Saints’ girls actions to amount to a social good.

We have to balance the dubiousness of her actions in terms of her motivations  against the impact of her actions as a whistleblower.  

She has acted as a  jilted ex-girlfriend who has been treated poorly. It is shortsighted to imagine that the next young adolescent girl and young football player is going to behave much differently. 

 The real problem is the lack of adult supervision within AFL, an  organisation which lacks any will to enforce it’s own rules. 

It is neither appropriate nor good for the long term health of  the system to lay the blame entirely at the feet of the source of the information or to demand absolute moral purity from an adolescent when the information itself has proven to be sound.  

The appropriate action is to focus on the dysfunctionality of a system comprised of a legion of powerful men who turn their scorn upon a single female adolescent for a series of egregious indiscretions.

This is the kind of maneouvre  which would only work  on a bunch of brainwashed followers blind to any sign of human weakness in their heroes.

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