Australian Domain Name Changes

.auDA, the regulatory body responsible for setting the Australian Domain Name Rules, is considering possible changes to registration policies and is also calling for public comments on the proposed introduction of single letter domain names.

Other changes being considered include permitting persons or entities without the requisite Australian presence or connection to be able to register .au domain names.

The reason for auDA wanting to ensure that only those able to establish an Australian nexus was to limit abusive domain name registrations.

A discussion paper on the proposed changes has been released inviting public comments. Some of the issues include Specific questions raised by the paper go beyond whether the restrictions on Australians or those registered to trade in Australia should remain.

Other issues are whether the two year fixed period for registration should be enlarged, and whether direct registrations should be permitted. More flexible licences allowing for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year registrations are being proposed.

The discussion paper can be read here.

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