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  1. admin says:

    Thanks for that. Unfortunately there were many nurses and other whistleblowers who alerted authorities to what was happening over a significant period of time, however they were retaliated against. There were also persons who tried to bring to light what was happening at Chelmsford Hospital and Ward 10B in Townsville but also failed. In 1992 the firm I was working for represented a patient in the Ward 10B saga, involving compensation. He received compensation. However sadly there are some situations for which no amount of compensation would cover. Most Doctors act with integrity and discharge their duties with great care however professional bodies all too often allow disreputable Doctors, Lawyers and other professionals continue to practice even though they have demonstrated that they have committed fraud, misconduct or are grossly negligent. The public aren’t generally aware of the number of professionals whose behaviour is swept under the carpet. It is a situation which is unacceptable and there is a lot of secrecy associated with disciplinary proceedings against such professionals. As you have demonstrated the consequences of allowing such professionals to continue to practice can be catastrophic. This link gives some insight into the breakdown of the numbers of Doctors disciplined for offences in Australia and NZ which is interesting. There is a lack of transparency however and the number of suppression orders are increasing which isn’t in the public interest. The public have a right to know and make an informed choice as to what professionals, particularly Doctors, they are consulting. Dr Michael Wynne has been an activist in exposing some of the practices which are occurring in the context of corporate health care. Sadly Dr Wynne lost his son in Singapore and has put a lot of time and effort into investigating some of the disgusting practices which have been occurring as a result of some of the US multinational health companies operating in Australia including NME. His extensive investigations have been extracted by Brian Martin and he has given evidence before the Senate on the despicable practices occurring in privatised healthcare. For example with respect to NME he speaks of NME has paying out hundreds of millions of dollars to settle actions from fraud to bribing doctors and kidnapping patients. The findings are very disturbing and don’t just relate to NME but a number of health corporations who regularly issue SLAPP writs in America and have been involved in RICO offences.

    There are general problems with ethical regulation of professionals particularly where they are swept under the carpet, however as Brian Martin points out, there is a desparate need to investigate the impact of corporate market medicine on the provision of health care in Australia. Health care has become a business and the average consumer needs protection from its predatory practices. He makes some excellent points.

    Thanks again. It is some consolation to see that there are settlements in the Patel case, however it would be far more preferable to avoid the carnage.

  2. admin says:

    I think it is a positive sign that the Queensland Medical Board are being held accountable for their role in allowing this situation to occur with Vincent Berg. It is disgraceful that the fake qualifications only came to light through the enquiries arising from the Dr Death scandal.

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