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As reported previously (here, here and here etc) there have been a number of cases recently which have raised  the legal status of news headlines as discrete copyright works.

In the recent case of Newspaper Licensing Authority and Ors v Meltwater Holding BV & Ors [2010] EWHC 2009 , a case that involved database and copyright infringement, the Court made reference to a Scottish case called Shetland Times v Dr Jonathan Wills [1997] ESR 604. This case was cited by the Judge as supporting the view that there was copyright in news headlines.

The case involved whether whether deeplinking¬† to webpages of the Shetland Times’ by Shetland News was illegal through the use of the Plaintiff’s website’s news headlines. This was causing a loss of advertising revenues by the Times as readers were bypassing their front page and advertising revenues.

The Shetland Times preliminary injunction only established that there was enough evidence to grant the injunction pending the litigation of the issue.  The case was settled prior to the matter being heard by the higher courts.

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