Defamation by Hyperlink – Crookes v Newton

As previously reported ad nauseum,  argument in the case of Crookes v Newton was heard on 7 December by the Supreme Court of Canada.

As pointed out on p2pnet, Mr Crookes attempted to persuade the nine justices that linking to a link that links to a link ad infinitum is publication, quite a startling proposition (at least in my mind)

With no less than 15 intervenors for Newton, the importance of the case should be apparent, beyond my incessant rambling about it over the past couple of months.

It appears that Dan Burnett and Harvey Delaney both did an outstanding job for Newton in one of the most significant cases for freedom of speech on the internet.

There could be a wait of up to a year for the decision to be handed down.

Best of luck to you Jon Newton.

Hopefully sanity will prevail.

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