Dikileaks Saints & Sinners Law

Prior to the heavy handed tactics of the lawyers involved in AFL photo scandal, the 17 year old teenage girl had revealed an arsenal of  doomsday armageddon type Dikileaks “nuclear options” at her disposal. This was after she had exhausted all other avenues of redress available to her and possibly had her trust violated in the most egregious way in the process.

One of these included divulging the password to her email account containing compromising images of other players.  The teenager has established a website to allow other women like her to share their experiences about damaging treatment by AFL players.

Her fate and the St Kilda Football Club’s fate seems to be tied as they seem intent to see enforce a Court Order seeking to restrain her from publishing further images allegedly taken by her from Sam Gilbert’s computer.

Ross Levin, the Vice-President for the St Kilda Football Club, has  publicly announced that he will have this girl on a leash for 15 years if  successful in obtaining judgement against her for breach of confidence, copyright, and defamation.

Clearly she  has felt abandoned by Victoria Police, the AFL, the St Kilda Football Club, villified by the media and  many footy fans who have rallied around Nick Riewoldt. She now finds herself abandoned by her parents.

Not long ago she lost two twins she carried to term when they were born stillborn. The physiological and psychological distress this young girl has been under would have almost certainly have had an impact on her welfare and that of her unborn children.

Would any woman not be feeling a little lost or confused right now, let alone an ‘at risk’ young girl who has been exploited and villified by authority figures with  armies of legal eagles on speed dial.

All she had at her disposal was the internet to get her message out.

Her story is more complex than many appreciate and the whispers are becoming louder as the facts start to surface.

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