Facebook trademarks the word “Face”

As previously reported many people  thought it lame of Facebook to believe it deserved to own the word “book”, by going after “Lamebook” and other sites using their word “book”. Facebook have reportedly blocked all links to “Lamebook” on their users’ accounts.

It is now time to  face the fact that Facebook are also about to trademark the first half of the word ‘Facebook’. They have applied for trademark rights over the word “face”, a move which is being perceived as a tad narcissistic, leading to some people labelling the brand ‘Farcebook’.

Apparently having the right to the word “Facebook” and wanting the second half  of the word wasn’t adequate. Facebook want “face

Where will it all end? The only thing left is the colour blue or perhaps “bookface”.  The next thing will be an attempt to trademark the individual letters ‘f’, ‘a’, ‘c’, ‘e’, ‘b’, ‘o’, ‘o’, ‘k’.

If Facebook get “face” no other company will be able to create or use the word “face” for  an online chat service or social networking site. Being a famous or well known trademark Facebook could potentially go after unrelated trademarks which incorporate the generic word “face” in their names.

Back in April 2010 apparently Facebook put in approximately 14 related trademark applications for the word  “like” the fate is yet to be determined USPTO.

Facebook was granted a notice of allowance to trademark the word “face” which means all that remains is for Facebook to file a Statement of Use with the USPTO.

Facebook have had their sites set on the word “face” since 2005 when a company tried by trademark “face” for it’s faceparty.com site.  Therefore Facebook decided to buy the Application from the Company in 2008.

Facebook have apparently already pursued companies who have the word “face” using the word face as part of their business names in order to protect their exclusive rights in the word face.

Facebook has had legal skirmishes with Teachbook, Placebook, Faceporn, amongst many others over their trademarks.  Apples’ FaceTime may prove to be a formidable opponent.

However,  perhaps the greatest threat may come from a familiar face to Mark Zuckerburg in his former classmate at Harvard Aaron Greenspan who claimed  an interest in Facebook as a contributor to the concept.  Greenspan settled that claim with Zuckerburg, however Greenspan now has his own company which has a mobile phone app called FaceCash. Greenspan has applied for an extension of time to contest the trademark application.

FaceCash will face off against Facebook over the mark ‘Face’, as Greenspan has already signalled he will be objecting to the registration.  Speaking of which there is a movie called “Faceoff”.

Greenspan has reportedly stated he both wants to protect his own rights to use the word Face in his future products and prevent his trademark being taken away from him.

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