Google introduces “Major Contributers” to Google Analytics

As reported by SearchEngineLand, Google Analytics announced an enhancement to it’s Google Analytics Intelligence called “Major Contributors”.

A Google blog post on the feature states:

When Google Analytics detects causes to a major change in traffic, this section will display up to 5 segments that have contributed to that particular change.”

Where there is a significant increase in conversions from a specific source, customers can be sent customised email or a SMS alerts so that they can take immediate action in order to tailor their website to be of greater appeal to a particular segment of visitors. Customers are able to set up customised notifications to keep apprised of significant changes. The alerts will provide a break down of the individual segments most to have resulted in a change in traffic.

When Google Analytics detects triggers resulting in a major change to traffic, there is a section which will show 5 segments that have contributed to the change. There may be a particular source which is directing traffic to a particular landing page on a customer’s website. The feature will enable users to click on the website address of the referrer or the landing page to ascertain the full referral path by which the user arrived at a site by and geographic data about the visitors. This enables the website owner to determine the source what triggered the major upsurge in traffic whether it be a blog, article or product review.

Real time measurement leads to better website optimisation in response to reactions to websites identified.

Alerts can be customised according to the website owner’s preferences to reflect fluctuations of particular percentages in traffic, conversions or other metrics. There is a guide to useful alerts and alert templates setting out examples of alert types and are more informative to web analysts.

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