Google launches Adwords Call Metrics

Adwords Call Metrics is a new feature announced by Google integrating Google AdWords and Call Metrics, enabling call tracking for Adwords campaigns. Advertisers are able to include a unique phone number in ads, enabling them to measure the volume of calls generated by their AdWords campaign.

When a potential customer clicks on the number on their PC or mobile phone within the ad, AdWords captures certain information about the call, such as the time of the call, the duration of the call and the area code from which the call is made. It will make note of the number of calls generated including received and missed calls.

Marketers will only be given call records in aggregate form, not individual call records. When businesses review their AdWords reports they will be able to determine the number of calls they received from a particular AdWords campaign, including the call duration. This is the kind of intelligence advertisers need to get a full picture of the return on investment their AdWords campaigns are giving them. When a customer presents in person businesses can ask them who referred them. However finding out how a customer got a phone number is a more sensitive issue.

Google’s AdWords Call Metrics service offers a solution to the puzzle but it won’t be available to all customers just yet. For a while the application has been tested and Google has allowed certain mobile advertisers to add their phone number to AdWord text ads so the customer can just click on the number and place a call.

Until the launch of this feature it was difficult for advertisers to track how well their ads performed as Google didn’t have a convenient way to track these calls.

Google’s service is not entirely novel as other firms provide details of individual calls, including call recording and even transcription of calls.

Google were circumspect when asked whether they would also be transcribing and recording calls. This information would prove of enormous benefits to marketing and customer service divisions.

Once a business is aware of where their calls are coming from they can refine their marketing strategy to ensure they are getting the most out of their AdWords campaigns. It provides an opportunity to test different variations to determine which strategy results in the most calls or to reallocate their advertising budget to campaigns that result in the highest ROI.

There is nothing new about the concept. As stated many marketers have known that paid search and other forms of online marketing are responsible for bringing the highest ROI. The challenge however has been to capture and measure that activity more closely.

The appeal for businesses is that they will able to gain insight into what value AdWords is bringing to their business. Including a phone number in the ad also provides another avenue through which customers can communicate with a business.

Businesses reviewing their sales records will be able to ascertain which customers purchased from them after calling them in response to an ad and compare this with the percentage of customers who purchase from them through other channels. This provides information as to whether online search ad campaigns are converting directly into instore purchases.

Google will offer both local and toll free VOIP numbers to demonstrate to advertisers that AdWords is giving them more value than they are aware of. Adwords Call Metrics will effectively reveal to advertisers the additional return on investment they are getting in the form of offline actions and activities, which is where most of the transactions occur but cannot be easily measured. Some customers who buy will buy online after calling the number whist others will firstly call the number prior to visiting the store.

Before the advent of Adwords Call Metrics the store visitors were invisible and not able to be measured. However now a company can separate out the in-store conversion rates by simply comparing the google call data with in-store sales records which will reveal the other half.

Adwords Call Metrics uses Google Voice technology. Call metrics will assign each campaign a unique phone number inserted into a business’ ad which is clickable by the user. When the number in the ad is called it will be routed to the business and, as stated above, AdWords will note that the call took place.

Businesses will only pay for clicks on their ads but Google will be introducing charges for the feature in the future.

Only mobile devices marketers will have the option of buying calls exclusively (Click to Call) ads.

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