With strong backlinks promoting and ranking your website and/or web pages will be much easier. You may have read that you acquire backlinks from a variety of sources, however remember that not all links are equal. You might derive your backlinks from bookmarking, blogroll exchanges, or social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Equally you can promote your site very effectively using forums and making meaningful blog comments, as long as you are adding value.

The guiding principle however is to obtain high quality relevant contextual backlinks with unique content from a website which is similar to your website in style and theme. Put simply, it needs to be relevant to the niche which you are targeting within the content of your website in addition to holding authority, otherwise it can be of negligible value.

Having located a website, one of the ways in which you can acquire a quality backlink is to provide a Guest Post. When you are doing a Guest Post on a website relevant to yours, try and refrain from developing and posting content similar to that which has already been published. The idea is to add to the website’s authority and you will add value to the link over time.

Your focus should therefore be on formulating an exceptionally good guest post to attract interest, ideally on a site which has good Page Rank (PR), authority and traffic. It is much easier to rank at a site which has acquired authority such as a good article directory. At the risk of sounding repetitive, it is about the quality of your guest post and/or posts if you are posting a series of guest posts. Google won’t give much credence to spammy, unnatural and irrelevant links.

If you do find a relevant blog link them internally and then post out a link to your website from one of the guest posts. If you follow these simple rules the authority of the site you post on should be preserved and increase in value as it ages.

If you are frustrated by the fact that you can’t find good backlink sources, over time you might build your own sites as a source for strong links, but don’t make the same mistake of linking all of your blogs on the same theme.

Don’t dismiss the notion of using a quality backlinking service or software solution which allows you to post your content to a relevant blog with one or even all of the desirable attributes, namely good PR, authority and a relevant keyword in the title. The beauty of some of the backlinking software solutions available is that they allow you to select from a diversity of a growing number of niche blogs.

There is no get rich quick scheme or instant fix for making money online. Making money online doesn’t happen overnight. As with everything, it takes effort, hard work and continually trying to refine the quality and originality of your content. Your first objective should be to produce quality articles of substance to great websites.

Be cautious when using article spinning software to save time when submitting articles to multiple directories and forums. It shouldn’t take that much time to cultivate the art of writing reasonably informative original articles.

Although content is king, backlinks from other websites will always be a major determining factor when the search engines rank websites for a given keyword/s, and therefore the more links you can attain from high quality sites equates to more authority and improved rankings you can potentially gain.

Although the SEO landscape invariably evolves the basics will remain the same; building legitimate, high quality backlinks from authoritative sites, posting good content, and building upon those backlinks.

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