Keyword Research For Online Businesses

Effective Keyword Research Online Businesses

In conducting an effective keyword research campaign you need to ask yourself what customers search for in the search engines to find your products. This includes how they describe your products both in the offline and online environment and whether there is any difference. This may or may be different to how your sales and marketing people are used to selling your products in the offline environment. You can learn a lot from how people on the internet link to you by looking at the anchor text of your incoming links, and also reviewing how your competitors describe their products.

What queries do people use to search for your products?

This is something you don’t have to guess as you have this intelligence at your disposal through keyword analysis and reports derived through Google Analytics, Market Samurai, Word Tracker, Google AdWord Suggestion Tool and other webmaster tools. These tools give you intelligence that you can use to target all keywords which are relevant to your products which can improve your online conversions.

How users search for or describe your products or business online

The keyword research tools available to webmasters give you invaluable insight into what terms and search queries people use to find your products online. You might be very pleasantly surprised by the results. Your product may be something very competitive such as health insurance, which is a very competitive almost unattainable term to get, yet you discover that people are in fact searching for health insurance for middle aged people.

The disadvantage of the term health insurance is that it is very competitive and it may not always bring qualified traffic to your website. What you should be trying to do is to drive traffic to your website which is qualified traffic, searchers which are seeking a specific type of health insurance; searchers with online commercial intent for the particular phrase they have entered into the search engine. Therefore it is critical you try to get into the minds of the users searching for your products to see what they are searching for and you can attain this insight by various tools.

Tools to use to find out what users are looking for online

You may find relevant information by looking at product reviews which appear on industry review sites in the area in which you operate. Reviews which appear on product pages of your site can also assist, in addition to commentary by users on news sites, in journals and magazines, both online and offline. Particularly useful are product reviews which appear on retail auction sites such as and stores such as YouTube is becoming important as a search engine in and of itself so don’t overlook the search engine value of youTube videos, blogs, vlogs and podcasts.
Don’t forget to use tools such as Market Samurai which yield a goldmine of material about your competitor’s strategies including backlinks and other metrics.

How competitors describe their products – what keywords do they use?

Competitive analysis is research that all businesses undertake and online businesses are no exception. In fact online businesses are well positioned to engage in competitive analysis of internet marketing strategies used by their competitors including keyword research. Look at the way your competitors characterise their products, select keywords and the way people describe their product to help you to decide what keywords to target in your keyword campaign.

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