Making Money As A Domainer

Domaining refers to the practice of domain name investing with a view to either buying and selling domain names for profit or buying domain names, building a website and monetising the domain name with a view to earning passive income.

Making money domaining may sound like an easy get rich quick scheme, but there is no such thing. Any skill requires effort, hard work and persistence and making money as a domainer is no exception.

One of the keys to success in making money domaining is to know how to select a valuable domain name. You need to be able to realistically evaluate the actual and potential value of the infinite number of potential domain names available for registration or purchase.

There are many tools available to domainers who want to make money domaining such as tools for finding dropped domain names, keyword domain names and tools to enable you to find domains with type in traffic.

After learning more about the domain name industry you might decide to specialise in geodomains targeting a specific geographic locale, short domains or dictionary domain names.

If you have some website building and SEO skills you may consider monetising the domain name through advertising, affiliate sales or e-commerce. You may consider selling your domain name after you have developed your website as there are many people who prefer to purchase websites already established with some backlinks and/or traffic to build upon.

The biggest investment you need to make is time in mastering the knowledge necessary to recognise a valuable domain name. Although the registration fees may seem minimal, building up a domain name portfolio comprised of domain names with little value quickly erodes capital.

Familiarise yourself with the tools available, such as Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool, Market Samurai, DomainFace,  amongst many others. Understand how to evaluate the criteria by which you can value a domain name and the likely market for domain names.

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