Nokia Lumia 800 or iPhone 4

Nokia Lumia 800 black 16GB -FACTORY UNLOCKED- Nokia’s first windows-based smartphone, designed and built within six months by the Finnish company, soon after Microsoft and Nokia announced their partnership this year.

So Nokia’s Lumia 800 has a single-core processor compared to the Android and other iOS phones! It is fairly obvious that in conducting browser speed tests over a Wi-Fi connection it isn’t going to fare as well. On the other hand, it was outperformed by a few seconds, which isn’t such a damning indictment considering it was tested against phones with heavily optimised hardware and double the RAM!! What would you expect in a phone competing with a dual-core chip?? The 800’s rendering speeds are fairly admirable, particularly considering the test was performed using wi-fi, which is naturally biased towards whichever handset connected first, having acquired a higher supply of the bandwidth. In any event, the 4S should load much faster than the tests show. It is hardly a big deficit and perhaps this is attributable to the optimisation of WP devices in the 800. You also have to question the relative accuracy of the browsers used, and how WP7.5′s IE stacks up against iOS Safari and the Android browser.

One astute observer noticed that Safari is giving an illusion the page rendering has been completed sooner, however upon closer inspection detected that within the notification bar, where the swirling bar is situate, the icon remained there for a further 5-8 seconds which means loading wasn’t yet completed. The Nokia N9 finished loading the page @ 1:49 if you review the video, yet the swirling icon didn’t vanish until 1:57.

Specs: Mango, 3.7-inch 800×480 WVGA AMOLED capacitive touch screen, 1.4 Ghz single core CPU, 16GB storage, 8MP camera, LED Flash, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA, GPS, WIFI b/g/n/, 3.5mm audio jack, microUSB, A-GPS, Bluetooth 2.1, 1450 mAh Li-Ion battery.

A key selling point of the phone, as seen in the video, is that any black areas on the screen are true deep outer space black, an effect labelled ‘ClearBlack’ by Nokia.  This feature gives it great outdoor performance, enabling the screen to be viewed in sunlight, without sacrificing any image quality.

Whilst other manufacturers have deployed anti-brightness technology, including AMOLED technology and super LCD screens, Nokia’s solution seems unmatched by comparison.  It is ahead of Samsung’s technology in this regard.  Despite the limited codecs in Windows  Seven, Nokia demonstrates superiority in sharpness and clarity on video playback.

The design philosophy echoes the orphaned N9 handset. Aesthetically speaking, it rates as a highly desirable sassy phone, being inherently svelte, lightweight and compact, the 3.7 touch screen display is housed by a unibody design comprising of a polycarbonate material  imparting a beautiful exterior finish.  The screen has a slight bevel or convex appearance, yet it is highly responsive to operate, interpreting touchscreen requests with finesse.

It runs on Windows Phone 7 Mango (edition 7.5), which as demonstrated by the video adds value to the platform.  It has some special apps that distinguish it from the competition, like the exclusive Nokia Maps and the ad-free Nokia Music Software. The maps are installed onto the phone.  Being resident on the phone, combined with Nokia Drive, a  vector based voice sat nav application, based on the Navteq platform which covers over 90 countries,  it clearly outperforms your average Tom Tom.

It may not have all the sexy apps that other phones like the iPhone has yet, but it has enough to handle basic search, social networking, maps, photography, music recognition and purchasing, cloud storage, folder syncing, and other routine daily tasks. If a phone that asks you “What are you wearing?” is what  impresses you,  get yourself an iPhone 4S instead of this superior device with its profound visual clarity and quality workmanship.

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