NYC transit chief seeks to unmask blogger’s identity

As reported by Associated Press the NYC transit Union Boss John Samuelsen is seeking Court Order from Google to reveal the identity of the blogger he claims has been defaming him on a blog hosted by Google blogspot.

Since Model Liskula Cohen sued Google in January to compel Google to reveal the person responsible for posting allegedly defamatory comments on a blog called Skanks in NYC hosted by Google’s blogging service, the number of such suits has increased.

Google has refused to make any comment on the case, adopting it’s general policy of respecting privacy concerns and only providing information about a user in response to a subpoena or other court order.

Samuelsen is also seeking a court order from Los Angeles based company Site Meter Inc, which tracks visitors to websites to divulge any information it may have in it’s possession about the blogger or bloggers.

Samuelson, the head of the Transport Workers of America, representing workers running subways and public buses states that he has been defamed by claims on the ‘Inside Local 100 blog’ that he is incompetent and has engaged in fraud. There is a specific allegation that the Union boss stole monies donated for the relief effort in Haiti after the earthquake disaster earlier this year.

In the Cohen case the Court held that Google was obliged to hand over the blogger’s IP and email address. The Cohen case clearly established that anonymous speech on the internet is not protected.

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