Milo app offers real time local inventory search

Savvy businesses are preparing themselves for the growth of local mobile search as smartphones become more ubiquitous. This includes making websites user friendly for mobile phones and adding features such as real time search.

Milo has produced an app for the Android which displays not only local prices for products shoppers are interested in purchasing, but which also couples it with real time intelligence about the availability of inventory.

Using the Android’s geolocation tool, the app identifies the user’s location and retrieves real time results for the product’s availability at stores in their area. It could give consumers enormous bargaining power whilst they are at a store and upon checking the competition find that the identical item is available down the road at a better price.

When customers search for the best price for an item in their local area they frequently use comparison shopping websites. The downside is that these sites only produce results with information about price and location. The data is scraped from other websites and doesn’t give the consumer knowledge of stock levels. Consumers could drive to the store and find that the store is out of stock.

A startup called maintains partnerships with a number of retailers in the so it can track this valuable information to shoppers to save time and money. The application is free to download and has already been downloaded by thousands of Android users. It has the capacity to track more than 3 million products at over 50,000 stores at present.

Milo is working on an HTML5 optimised site for smartphones and one will become available soon for the iPhone.

Google recently launched Bluedot is similar to Milo, however Milo has some distinct advantages over Bluedot. Firstly it has broader inventory reach than Bluedot and it has also sealed a partnership with Pricegrabber to display the local inventory within search results.

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