RickPerry.com now resolves to RonPaul2012.com

Republican presidential candidate Texas Governor Rick Perry’s official campaign website can be located at rickperry.org. However many users still continue to make the mistake of typing rickperry.com.

Up until recently RickPerry.com has forwarded to or mirrored the .org web site.  However, when the domain name expired on 4 May, users who mistakenly typed in the .com extension arrived at a parked domain plastered with ads.

It is the second time the domain name rickperry.com has expired, a fact which someone from Rick Perry’s office became aware of last year, however elected not to do anything about it.  The then domain name registrant decided to renew it during the grace period prior to it’s deletion.

However it has now been acquired by a Mexican who has it forwarded to RonPaul2010.com for the sum of $2100 at an expired domain name auction. The Mexican is offering the domain name for sale at Sedo for $50,000.

When Bill Clinton was confronted with trying to recover his domain name, he had little difficulty establishing common law trade marks in his name. He brought a UDRP complaint to recover the domain  names williamclinton.com, williamjclinton.com and presidentbillclinton.com.

The domain name Registrant, called ‘Web of Deception’ had forwarded the domain names to the   Republican National Committee’s (RNC) web site. (See William J. Clinton and The William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation v. Web of Deception).

Clinton  argued, albeit unsuccessfully, that the names were registered and used by the domain name holder in bad faith.

He further argued that the forwarding of his domain to the RNC site might confuse people into thinking that he had become a Republican.  He contended this was feasible as Senator Arlen Spector recently left the Republican Party and became a Democrat.  However the Panel rejected Clinton’s argument.

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