SEO for YouTube – VSEO

Video marketing done correctly is a great way to reach your audience.

Don’t forget the SEO opportunities!

They are everywhere. Titles, captions, descriptions and tags.

To maximise the SEO or VSEO potential of your video ensure the title appears twice, once near the beginning of the title and once at the end.

The description should ALWAYS include a link at the beginning back to your website followed by a short excerpt or paragraph which is constructed around your main keyword.

The reason why the video description is important is that it is picked up by Google and displayed in search engine results. The video description will be used to decide which keywords your video should show for.

In tagging your video, make sure you use your keyword and common variations. The principles are similar to SEO.

You can promote your video in various ways. For instance you can search for videos similar to the topic of your video and post comments on the videos you locate, trying to locate videos that use the exact same keyword phrase.

Your objective is to get users to link back to your video on YouTube and the more websites that do this the more relevant your video will be in the SERPs. Follow SEO principles and find out who links to the most popular videos in your category, and locate them on google. The aim is to get them to link to your video.

Other tips are to use MRSS feeds and “>google video sitemaps

It should only take a few hundred results for your video to start appearing in Google SERPs for your keyword.

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