SpyEye crimeware Trojan tracking website set up

A security researcher has set up the spyeyetracker.abuse.ch* website, inspired by the idea behind the establishment of the Zeustracker website in 2009. It is aimed at tracingthe activities of the botnet which is connected to numerous incidents of banking fraud.

Both ZeuS and SpyEye are crimeware toolkits facilitating the creation of customised Trojans sold through black market forums on a licence fee basis. Both sites link to live cybercrime domains, and are two of the more prevalent financial forms of malware circulating on the internet along with Bugat, Clampi and Gozi.

Six corrupt bank insiders from Moldova have been arrested suspected to have been involved in laundering Western Union and MoneyGram payments received from participants in the scam in the West, part of a Cybercrime ring believed to have generated up to $70 million by use of the ZeuS banking Trojan to steal online banking login details and raid the compromised accounts. Further arrests are anticipated, and it is believed that Ukranians were the drivers and intelligence behind the fraudulent operation.

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