Wikileaks leads to US Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act

Assange originally established his website in 2006 in a house outside the University of Melbourne. He has angered Government and Corporate interests by publishing documents ranging from Church of Scientology documents to U.S. Embassy cables, transcripts, secret videos and more.

Congress is fast tracking the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act enabling Employees from intelligence organisations to tell their superiors about corruption, threats to public health, safety and mismanagement without fear of suffering reprisals. How effective this and other whistleblower legislation needed in many jurisdictions will prove to be remains to be seen.

This will give Whistleblowers a viable alternative to being fired, demoted or otherwise punished. It is recognition by the Government that there needs to be other alternatives than turning to organisations such as Wikileaks to distribute sensitive documents.

In Australia whilst there are some laws protecting whistleblowers they are fragmented and contain limitations. We are in need of uniform, comprehensive State and Federal whistleblower protection to protection public interest disclosures relating to corporate and public wrongoing.

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