Yahoo Search Direct versus Google Instant Search

Yahoo has released Yahoo Search Direct , issuing a challenge to rival Google Instant Search  which has revolutionised search.  Predictive search technology represents an important part of the next generation of search.

Yahoo beat Google to the punch by being the first innovator in developing a version of Instant Search, an advancement on  conventional search engines.

In fact Yahoo had a form of Instant search back in 2005,  but elected to abandon it.

Yahoo’s Search Direct has been in the process of development for several years prior to it’s launch on March 23 this year. At the moment Yahoo Search Direct is only available in beta form in the US but will be introduced into international markets later this year

SearchEngineland  provided a sample demo comparison for users of search results queries returned by Google Instant Search and Yahoo Search Direct, so you can judge for yourself which provides a superior user experience.

Instant Search has revolutionised the landscape of search and Yahoo claim that their Direct Search is not only faster but yields richer results via an expanded query box.

Yahoo combines content and structured data to provide a richer user experience. Yahoo’s marketing angle is that Yahoo Search Direct provides not just links but ‘answers’, athough it is up to users to assess whether that claims withstands scrutiny.  Rather than just providing ‘links’ for users to click on Yahoo generates and presents results dynamicallyas the user types each character into the search engine.

The index from which Direct Search runs is updated every 5-10 minutes, providing an edge in real time search.

For webmasters the news may be good for those already appearing  in the top three search results for the queries entered which doesn’t convert to big increases in clicks or traffic beneath the top three.  However this begs the question of where the results are being pulled from.

Both the links and content being displayed in the right part of the box are the web addresses which are the most clicked on throughout the Yahoo network

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